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Can going outside with wet hair in winter make you sick?

Friday  06:12,   23 june 2017

Another myth bites the[...]

This Woman Just Bought Her First Bikini After Losing 'Six Pack' of Saggy Skin

Friday  02:05,   23 june 2017
Good Housekeeping

Her transformation is incredible.But the surgery didn't turn out exactly how Merola had planned. After losing 173 pounds (78 kg), she was left with a "six pack" of saggy skin of saggy[...]

The Newest Fitness Trend Lets You Drink Beer While Doing Yoga

Friday  01:25,   23 june 2017
Medical Daily

Beer yoga is the fitness trend for couch potatoes.Each hour-long Vinyasa class incorporates a pint of beer into the sequences, with poses like “Drunken Warrior” and “Earn Your Beer.” The very personable instructor Rosa Fava, who became a Beer Yoga[...]

Months after learning them, a toddler with a fatal disease has forgotten her first words.

Thursday  06:36,   22 june 2017

A toddler with a rare disease that causes childhood Alzheimer’s has forgotten her first words after learning “hi” and “bye” only months ago. Marian McGlocklin from California was diagnosed with the heartbreaking condition Niemann-Pick Type[...]

How to eat bread at dinner without gaining weight

Thursday  05:02,   22 june 2017

Bread has been demonised for far too long and we've got the answer at just how easy it is to eat bread whenever you want without gaining weight.Well, we have shocking news: Carbs don’t make you[...]

Your smartphone could be terrible, horrible, no good, very bad for your wrists

Thursday  04:20,   22 june 2017

Sending all those texts, gifs and emoji probably isn't so great for your wrists.It's well established that gawking downwards at your smartphone all day is not great for your neck and shoulders. New research indicates sending all those texts,[...]

This 31-Weeks-Pregnant Reddit User Says No Doctors Will Take Her—Here's Why

Thursday  02:25,   22 june 2017
Women's Health

When you’re pregnant, you assume that you’ll not only receive prenatal care—you’ll receive good prenatal care. But one woman says on Reddit that no doctor will treat her because she discovered her pregnancy in her third trimester. When[...]

Making one simple change to your diet could speed up weight loss!

Thursday  00:52,   22 june 2017

When trying to lose weight, people are often told to reduce the amount of carbohydrates they’re eating, and to reduce the amount of sugar they’re eating. However new research has revealed, that making one completely different change to your diet,[...]

The lighter the coffee beans, the sweeter the health benefits

Wednesday  08:06,   21 june 2017

How dark-roasted are your coffee beans? New research might make you switch your preferences.One of those is chlorogenic acid, which coffee has in higher concentrations than any other plant, as well as other compounds linked to protective antioxidant [...]

'I Did A 30-Day Pushup Challenge—Here's What Happened'

Wednesday  07:51,   21 june 2017
Women's Health

There's a reason military sergeants demand pushups as a form of punishment. They are effing hard, can knock even the fittest off their feet—okay, toes—and seem to be designed to reveal weaknesses. So much so that fitness editors have been[...]

Dr Karl: Why you probably can't remember your childhood

Wednesday  05:26,   21 june 2017

Parenting is all about nurturing. You give, give, give. And luckily it's a selfless kind of giving — because your beloved child won't remember most of it as they get older! It turns out that most most of us can hardly remember[...]

The Surprising Factor That Might Be Messing Up Your Skin

Wednesday  04:06,   21 june 2017
Women's Health

The term microbiome refers to the landscape of bacteria inside our bodies—it plays an integral role in the health of the gut, which in turn affects nearly every other system, including the largest organ, your skin. The term microbiome[...]

Why people say 'bless you' after a sneeze

Wednesday  03:35,   21 june 2017
Business Insider Australia

Everyone sneezes -- the average healthy person does so up to four times per day, in fact. Sneezing can be caused by a lot of things besides allergies and illness; being too full, seeing a bright light, or even orgasm can all trigger an "achoo!"In[...]

Double your chances of weight loss with a vegetarian diet

Wednesday  00:31,   21 june 2017

Extra veggies will help you lose weight, and a new study has uncovered a weird trick to make them seem more delicious.For the study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, researchers assigned 74 participants with type 2[...]

The Super Easy Trick To Speeding Up Your Metabolism

Tuesday  04:50,   20 june 2017

And build some muscle while you're at it.Let's quash all of those lose-weight-quick schemes right now. There is not an easy substitution for the hard work that goes into becoming fit. But if you are working hard, and you're not seeing results –[...]