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Better sleep could be the easiest way to lose weight and eat healthier

Monday  08:10,   22 may 2017

If your weight is slowly creeping up and your diet is impossible to control, your bad sleep habits could be to blame. Research presented this weekend at the European Congress of Endocrinology in Lisbon, Portugal, demonstrates how chronic sleep loss[...]

Fertility And Age: Knowing Where You Stand

Monday  08:10,   22 may 2017
Huffington Post UK

There is no denying that the age in which women are having their first baby has and continues to rise due to a variety of reasons, these include women wanting to pursue careers, educational opportunities, as well as the high cost of housing and[...]

What the World's Strongest Man Eats in a Day

Monday  07:05,   22 may 2017
Muscle and Fitness

Strongmen are known for their size and strength, and it's no surprise that their diets can also be extreme. Spoiler alert: he makes your entire day of eating look like an afternoon snack. Between big training days, the six-foot-eight,[...]

MIT's living, breathing workout suit is the activewear of the future

Monday  04:16,   22 may 2017

In the not-too-distant-future, you’ll wrap yourself in a living, breathing, weird second skin before you work out. That’s the prediction from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), whose researchers have designed a “breathable workout[...]

Tick removal: What's the best way to get them out?

Monday  04:10,   22 may 2017
ABC News

<p>The problem with ticks</p>Most of the time tick bites are just annoying — they might hurt a bit, itch for a while and possibly swell[...]

This Is the Only Thing You Should Do If a Tick Lands on You

Monday  03:26,   22 may 2017
Good Housekeeping

"Folklore remedies" only put you at greater risk for dangerous diseases. Scientists already predict Lyme disease to surge this year, but a viral tick "trick" could put people even more at risk. The popular Facebook video advises dousing[...]

Why walnuts are the healthiest type of nut there is

Sunday  06:21,   21 may 2017

All nuts are good for you, but there is one nut to rule them all.And as long as they’re not coated in salt or chocolate and you don’t scoff too many, nuts are also associated with long-term weight control despite their typically high calorie levels[...]

That Red Liquid in Your Meat Packaging Is Not What You Think It Is

Sunday  06:10,   21 may 2017
Country Living

It's not[...]

10 reasons you need a life coach

Sunday  06:10,   21 may 2017

So where did you take the wrong turn? How did life get to be so complicated? What are you going to do? Here are the reasons why you need a life coach. 1. You are starting overThe life you imagined and worked so hard to achieve has not gone according [...]

9 Month Pregnant Mom-To-Be Says Boxing Cures Her Morning Sickness

Saturday  06:37,   20 may 2017
Inside Edition

Fitness junkie Vicky Sims, 39, swears working out while pregnant is easing some of the unwanted symptoms. An Australian mom-to-be is proving she can still kick butt, even when she's nine months pregnant. Fitness junkie Vicky Sims, 39, of[...]

FYI: What you wear could actually give you a migraine

Saturday  06:36,   20 may 2017

Stripes could be giving you migraines and epilepsy according to this new study from the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMC) in the Netherlands .However, according to research from the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMC) in the Netherlands,[...]

Mum sheds 58kg and doesn't plan on stopping

Friday  08:10,   19 may 2017
Houston Chronicle

Extreme weight loss journeys often have extreme realities to the changes on a person's bodyMum Jordaan Kirkham experienced these extreme changes after her more than 300-pound (136kg) body shrank down by 130 pounds (58kg). Among those changes[...]

Exactly how this woman made her baby bump disappear.

Friday  07:13,   19 may 2017

Pregnant women have been sharing videos of a breathing technique that almost makes their bumps disappear. The “belly pump” videos are proving a hit on Instagram – with thousands of[...]

Ebola Survivor’s Antibodies Stop All Strains of the Virus, Study Finds

Friday  06:42,   19 may 2017

These Ebola-neutralizing antibodies can hopefully be used to treat humans in the near future.The Ebola virus launches an all-out barrage against the body, often killing victims within a week or two. It plays a nasty trick on the immune system,[...]

Breakthrough in delirium research 'solves 2,500-year-old mystery'

Thursday  10:25,   18 may 2017
ABC News

Australian researchers say they have identified the leading cause of delirium, a brain-related condition which affects up to half of elderly hospital patients. They hope the discovery will allow them to treat it.Associate Professor Gideon Caplan[...]