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LifeStyle: Style

Chic or shocking? Meghan's £4k floaty wrap dress gets mixed reactions as she and Harry are guests at his cousin's wedding

Tuesday  16:56,   19 june 2018

Perhaps she was keen not to upstage the bride – after all, it's only four weeks since the entire world watched her own wedding. Which may explain the Duchess of Sussex's choice of outfit when she and Prince Harry watched his cousin marry on[...]

How Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle's Royal Styles Line Up

Monday  04:06,   18 june 2018

As duchesses, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's "royal style" is quite different—but the two have worn some very similar outfits for some of their bigger milestones. Here, we compare how they're tracking, event to event.How do[...]

Why it's ok to freak out about your first grey hair

Sunday  06:55,   17 june 2018

Laura Capon talks about her initial panic when discovering her first grey hairs, genetics, causes, and a transformation into embracing the grey.But it was worse than a black widow. As she rooted through my hair in some kind of weird primate ritual,[...]

Meghan's dress for her first outing with the Queen sends a message to her critics

Saturday  05:45,   16 june 2018

If you come for the Duchess, you better not missThe Duchess of Sussex, 36, copped some backlash following her first Trooping the Colour appearance on Saturday, for which she wore an off-the-shoulder Carolina Herrera[...]

Bikinis sexualise little girls, mum says

Thursday  21:55,   14 june 2018

‘We’re turning our kids into mini adults’ One mum has condemned the use of bikinis on toddlers saying the basic swimwear item sexualises little[...]

Louboutin wins key legal battle over red soles

Thursday  11:11,   14 june 2018

Shoe maker Christian Louboutin has won a key European legal battle to protect his products' signature red soles as a trademark. The European Court of Justice ruled in favour of the French luxury brand after it sought to prevent Dutch high[...]

The Meghan Markle Effect Is Taking the Bridal Industry by Storm

Thursday  04:21,   14 june 2018

Meghan Markle is making waves in the bridal industry, as gowns similar to those worn at her royal wedding are placed in high demand. Her minimalistic bridal style and beauty is influencing women around the world.Behold the Meghan Markle effect. The[...]

Meghan Markle's favourite mascara is less than $20

Thursday  03:31,   14 june 2018

Who knew Meghan was so thrifty when it comes to beauty?Her signature messy bun, delicate smattering of freckles, and natural make-up are all part of the Meghan[...]

8 Surprising Things That the Queen Carries in Her Handbag

Monday  21:06,   11 june 2018

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most recognised figures in the world, and in public, she is never, EVER separated from her iconic handbag. Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most recognised figures in the world, and in public she is never,[...]

Prince Harry has become Meghan Markle’s unofficial new stylist

Monday  20:54,   11 june 2018

With the royal wedding behind us, Prince Harry has been helping Meghan Markle choose outfits for engagements—he's Meghan's unofficial new stylist.Following their nuptials, Harry and Meghan have taken on the title of the Duke and Duchess of[...]

Online shopping #fail! Hilarious images serve as proof that you should ALWAYS try before you buy

Monday  06:35,   11 june 2018

Disgruntled shoppers have been sharing snaps of their online purchase disasters, from food and household goods to clothing - including a bunch of what appears to be miniature bananas.Disgruntled shoppers have been sharing snaps of their online[...]

Taking photographs of 'invisible' women

Saturday  05:25,   09 june 2018

If you’re over 25 and under 75, you have no existence in stock imagery. Her response? “I think you’d better check with Mick[...]

Saudi fashion show mocked for 'ghost' models

Friday  11:33,   08 june 2018

The formless floating garments looked like dementors from Harry Potter.The fashion show was held during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a period during which Muslims are not supposed to eat, drink or have sexual relations during the hours between [...]

Heads up, this 1990s hat trend is making a comeback

Friday  02:08,   08 june 2018

If there was one must-have accessory to come out of fashion week in Sydney, it was the bucket hat.At fashion week, international buyers including Net-a-Porter's Lisa Aiken, as well as several magazine editors, were heard marvelling, "Well I'd better [...]

Birth Flowers Are a Real Thing, and You Need to Know the Meaning Behind Yours ASAP

Friday  02:07,   08 june 2018

It's fun to gain insight into yourself based on your birthday. Your zodiac sign can tell you everything from personality traits to how to decorate your home. But, if you want even more insight into your personality, you should check out your[...]