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Zagreb voted Europe's capital of Christmas 2018

Thursday  04:13,   14 december 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

When it comes to the most magical place for Christmas -- outside the North Pole, that is -- Zagreb, Croatia is tops in Europe, according to the 2018 edition of European Best Destinations' Best Christmas Markets poll.In an online poll that[...]

Australia's most popular holiday cities: Melbourne first, but Hobart fastest growing

Thursday  04:12,   14 december 2017

This city, with a population of over 220,000, is among the nation's fastest growing places to visit for young and old.The Roy Morgan Holiday Tracking Survey found 1.75 million people had Hobart on their wishlist, making it the county's fastest[...]

Take a look inside the hidden bedrooms on board Qantas' new Dreamliners

Thursday  00:16,   14 december 2017
Business Insider Australia

Qantas took delivery of its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners in October. Before Qantas flew the Dreamliner back to Australia, Business Insider got the chance to tour the plane.In March, Qantas will begin scheduled non-stop flights to London from its[...]

How do the Royal family travel?

Wednesday  03:47,   13 december 2017
Now To Love

Get the highlights of Royal travel without all the rules.There's an official rule that two heirs to the royal throne should never be on the same plane together. The macabre reason being the protection of the Royal bloodline, should anything happen[...]

Less than 10 hours from Australia: 10 exotic destinations that are a short flight away

Wednesday  01:51,   13 december 2017

There's a popular theory that Australia is miles and miles away from pretty much anywhere. That theory is not entirely true.And that's an easy thing to believe when you can spend four or five hours in a plane and still find yourself in your own[...]

Portugal and Bolivia among big winners of World Travel Awards

Wednesday  00:36,   13 december 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

After a year of holding regional pageants that crowned the best hotels, airlines, resorts and destinations around the world, Singapore Airlines, Portugal and Bolivia emerged as some of the big winners.At the 24th edition of the World Travel Awards,[...]

Netherlands tops new ranking of countries that make the world a better place

Wednesday  00:05,   13 december 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

The Netherlands has emerged the world leader in a new index that aims to distinguish itself by measuring a country not by its own prosperity, but by its contribution to the "common good of humanity." A look at the top 10 countries [...]

The perfect family holiday destination: A complete guide to your Cayman Islands getaway.

Tuesday  03:22,   12 december 2017

Planning a family holiday to the Cayman Islands? Well, that’s definitely the right choice if you want to make the holiday equally entertaining for all the members of your family, kids and adults alike. The only “negative” thing is that[...]

The Safest Seat On A Plane, According To Studies Of Crash Data

Tuesday  03:06,   12 december 2017

Where is the safest[...]

Melania Trump Said She Wants To Spend Christmas On A Deserted Island

Tuesday  02:06,   12 december 2017

Melania Trump said she wants to spend Christmas on a deserted island and twitter reacted in a very supportive way.First Lady, Melania Trump has been the subject of much scrutiny since her husband was elected into office. From that viral inauguration [...]

Australia adventure travel trips: The 10 most epic journeys

Tuesday  00:06,   12 december 2017

If it's adventure you crave – a big, exciting adventure, the sort that will take weeks to experience and a whole lifetime to forget – then Australia is your country. It doesn't even matter what sort of activity you prefer, whether it's on the[...]

This Couple Quit Their Jobs to Travel Full-time — and Now Their Careers Are Taking Off

Tuesday  00:05,   12 december 2017
Travel + Leisure

At this point, taking your work on the road and traveling the world is not a new concept. They’ve been traveling and supporting themselves through digital marketing work since 2014. But about 10 months into their nomadic lifestyle, they[...]

How To Survive A Plane Crash

Monday  07:41,   11 december 2017
Lifehacker Australia

Plane travel is incredibly safe -- your odds of dying on a commercial flight are about one in 11 million -- but accidents still happen and travellers sometimes make it to a different kind of final destination. Plane travel is incredibly[...]

Major airlines are taking on the biggest threat to their business -- and it's great for consumers

Monday  07:41,   11 december 2017
Business Insider Australia

Low-cost carriers accounted for 28% of all passengers traffic in 2016. It's a percentage that's still growing. The rise of low-cost carriers has disrupted an industry traditionally dominated by major legacy carriers.Over the past two[...]

What Causes Turbulence?

Monday  07:37,   11 december 2017
Mental Floss

It's a lot less scary than it feels.But turbulence, whether it's a small bump or a stomach-flipping drop, is nothing to get shaken up about. It's a normal part of flying through the ever-shifting[...]