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Here's how many planes are flying in the air at any moment

Monday  05:05,   22 may 2017
Travel + Leisure

Have you ever wondered, looking up at the sky, how many planes are in the sky at any given moment? We certainly have. Aviation data companies like FlightAware keep track of all (or at least most) of the aircraft in our skies. And according to them,[...]

So THAT'S What The Hook On Your Airplane Tray Table Is For

Monday  02:40,   22 may 2017

Turns out airline tray tables can carry more than just food crumbs and germs.Turns out airline tray tables can carry more than just food crumbs and[...]

Why posting photos of your boarding pass on social media is a terrible idea.

Monday  02:10,   22 may 2017

It may seem like a harmless way to boast of an upcoming trip, but if you share a photo of your boarding pass on social media you might be telling people – friends and strangers alike – a lot more than just your next travel[...]

This Pet-Sitting Site Lets You Vacation Around The World For Free

Sunday  07:35,   21 may 2017

A free night in a château, and free puppy time? Yes please! TrustedHousitters enables animal-loving travelers to stay for free at homes around the globe in exchange for pet sitting. The catch is that members have to pay $119 per year to join, and[...]

Australia's most haunted place: The story of Port Arthur and the Blue Lady.

Sunday  07:35,   21 may 2017

The disembodied laughter of children and a mysterious woman in blue. Thousands of people tour the Port Arthur Historic Site every year and many of them report creepily similar experiences. Thousands of people tour the Port Arthur[...]

How to beat seasickness on your next cruise

Sunday  06:50,   21 may 2017
Travel + Leisure

If there's one thing that will kill your vacation vibe quicker than a delayed flight can ruin your plans, it's getting seasick the first night on a cruise. First off, what is seasickness? According to WebMD, which classifies it as[...]

The Best (and Worst) Frequent-Flier Programs

Saturday  06:50,   20 may 2017
The Wall Street Journal.

Southwest and JetBlue outperform larger U.S. and foreign competitors with more generous programs, while American lags behind again, Scott McCartney finds.An annual survey of availability of the type of frequent-flier ticket most travelers use shows[...]

34 Packing Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

Friday  08:40,   19 may 2017

I pride myself on being an outstanding packer. The greatest compliment anyone can give me is, "Wow, is that all you[...]

28 Questions to Ask Your Friends Before You Travel With Them

Friday  08:40,   19 may 2017

Travelling with your BFF can be so much fun. Let's just say choose wisely before you invite anyone to join you on a group trip, because even the closest of friends may not be the best travel buddies. In some ways, you want to travel with[...]

Never Care About a Flight Delay Again, Thanks to Airport Mini-Horses

Friday  08:35,   19 may 2017

Meet the world's most adorable miniature therapists.A therapy dog is going to beat out the return of the choker necklace every[...]

7-Year-Old Captures Man-Like Figure in the Clouds During Flight

Friday  05:20,   19 may 2017
Inside Edition

The mum was shocked upon seeing the image. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It's a mysteriously shaped object in the clouds.Kerry Frey Liles, of Texas, said she was on a flight from Baltimore to Houston with her son AAsher, who has Down syndrome, when[...]

This Flight Attendant Answers 11 Questions You Really Want to Ask

Thursday  06:15,   18 may 2017

Is it possible to clog the toilets on an airplane? And how exactly does one optimize their experience when attempting to join the Mile High Club? "I don't judge you. As far as your and our safety is not concerned you can drink as much as[...]

Step Inside Australia's Most Luxurious Ski Lodge

Thursday  06:11,   18 may 2017
Gizmodo Australia

Astra Lodge took out Australia’s Best Boutique Ski Lodge 2016 at the World Ski Awards in Kitzbühel, Austria .The award was presented to the family-owned hotel for its newly renovated ski-in ski-out lodge which showcases exceptional features such as[...]

This Is What Happens To Lost Luggage That Never Gets Claimed

Wednesday  08:41,   17 may 2017

Lost luggage is a traveller's worst nightmare. It happened once when I was on a family holiday to Portugal - we arrived at Lisbon airport and waited patiently at the baggage carousel for two suitcases that never came, then traipsed[...]

20 Travel Tips All Women Traveling Alone Can Use

Wednesday  08:41,   17 may 2017

If you're a woman planning on taking a solo vacation there are things you need to know that your male counterpart might not. In short, you need solo female travel tips.Just like not all travelers are the same, not all travel tips are alike. The [...]