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14:23  19 may  2017
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Psychologist successfully using sport to stop children from being radicalised

  Psychologist successfully using sport to stop children from being radicalised A British psychologist is hoping team sports will deter at-risk youth from being radicalised by ISIS or engaging in illegal activities as they grow older. Dr Shamender Talwar believes football is the best way to fight terror."Sport has an incredible way of breaking barriers, so it's an education program that uses sport to lure the children in," he told A Current Affair."When children are into sport or supporting their football team, or their cricket team, or their rugby team, they're passionate about their team.

Teens and Dating. by Gavin de Becker, Family Safety Expert . Teach girls to recognize persuasion. A predator merely manipulates how things seem to us. Whatever the method, persuasion requires the participation of the target

Teach teens to recognise predators : expert . Parents should develop a level of digital literacy they "may not actually want" in order to keep their children safe from predators , a family psychologist says.It's counterproductive to lecture teenagers about the dangers of online predators

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It's counterproductive to lecture teenagers about the dangers of online predators, according to a leading psychologist following revelations a Sydney schoolgirl fled to the US to have sex with a man she met on Snapchat.

The Lindfield teenager was reported missing on April 11 and found a month later in New York with the man who allegedly groomed her for several months and received naked photos of her before sending her money for a plane ticket.

'Coding Jam' uses musical blocks to teach kids programming concepts

  'Coding Jam' uses musical blocks to teach kids programming concepts Last year, Osmo expanded its iPad-based children's learning system with a program that teaches kids to code by linking tangible tiles with on-screen commands. Now the company's expanded its platform with Coding Jam, an add-on that assigns musical tones to a new set of blocks, allowing young learners to tap out tunes in a sequence just like a series of code elements.Like the main Osmo system, Coding Jam uses a mirror peripheral over the user's docked iPad so its camera can track kids interacting with the music tiles.

Two teen girls left with those men who groomed them online. Their parents are trying desperately to A predator may also make a threat to the intended victim if “he tells.” Teach the True Friend Rule She is a recognized expert in parenting, bullying, youth violence, and character development and

To figure out just how trusting teens can be and to show their parents how important it is to protect them online. Persin told Yahoo! Expert analysis and commentary to make sense of today's biggest stories.

"I shook my head and cried for her," parenting expert and father of six Dr Justin Coulson said on Friday after learning of the incident.

"It's a devastating case but it doesn't happen like that very often and our kids know that."

He said children don't understand the consequences of what they're consenting to, so "whether they're eight or 16. It's never consensual, it's always abuse."

However lecturing children about predators both on- and offline and scaring them with extreme cases won't work, Dr Coulson told AAP.

"They'll come up with reasons why it wouldn't happen to them," the international speaker and author says.

"We've got to be talking to them. Not in an intrusive, policing way but in a genuine, caring way. This is perhaps the most important thing we don't do."

Connecting troubled youth with surprising companions

  Connecting troubled youth with surprising companions "They drop that serious look of 'I'm tough and I need to protect myself and now they just become kids again," says Sacramento Youth Detention Facility Chief Brian Lee . Because they're minors, California law won't allow us to show you their faces.But every teen in this program called "Pawsitive Impact" seems to light up with each encounter."They drop that serious look of 'I'm tough and I need to protect myself' and now they just become kids again," Lee says.  The premise is simple.

Find out how your daughter can protect herself from sexual predators in this exclusive interview with America's leading expert on violence. Q: Is it easy to teach PC to a teenage girl? A: It is made far easier when the parent and the teenager recognize that these concepts are already imbedded into

Online predators are hard to recognize at first; they seem just like anyone else when they sit behind a computer screen and you don’t know what their intentions are. They use fake accounts with fake profile pictures and fake information

The adolescent brain has a "stunted ability" to get a feel for a scenario, including a potentially threatening one, and while teenagers can foresee the consequences they "don't really care about them".

"They don't think they're vulnerable, they think they're six-foot-tall and bulletproof," Dr Coulson said.

Teens don't respond to that "gut feeling" that adults have.

And parents who says it "couldn't happen to their child or at their school is deluded because it can and it does every day."

The online world, including Facebook and image-sharing apps Instagram and Snapchat, has made it easier for those with "inappropriate motivations" to access to potentially vulnerable people, he said.

He advises parents to get up speed with their literacy.

They should ask their children how they feel about certain situations and teach them to identify the signs of grooming. For example, when a teen is asked online what they're wearing and then what they're wearing under that.

Even though parents may find the conversation uncomfortable, it's one that has to be had.

America's retail apocalypse is changing what it means to be a teenager .
Working in retail stores was long considered a rite of passage for many teenagers. But many teens are now finding it increasingly difficult to get jobs in the industry, which has historically been responsible for a quarter of teen employment, the Wall Street Journal reports.


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