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Money Is private health insurance worth it for mums-to-be?

05:49  14 march  2018
05:49  14 march  2018 Source:

How to avoid hefty GP check-up charges

  How to avoid hefty GP check-up charges Going to the doctor can be expensive unless you can find one that bulk bills. Now, a new medical directory is making it easy for patients to find no gap services in their suburb.New independent medical directory MindTheGap helps map health services across Queensland's south-east by price and location.Creator James Gillespie says in some cases patients are looking at up to $80 for consultations.And it's a postcode lottery."There are enormous differences from place to place as to how much it's going to cost you to see a doctor," Mr Gillespie says.

As lifetime holders of private health insurance , we didn't give any thought to the medical bills that would be associated with the procedure. This predicament inevitably prompts consumers to examine whether their private health insurance is worth it .

Private health insurance : For the rich, paranoid and sick? CAN’T face doing the sums? But as every investor knows, future costs are worth less than current savings. Not to mention this is a government policy that could change — the 2 per cent surcharge may not remain for ever.

Health fund premiums are set to rise again on April 1, leaving Australians to again question whether it's worth the money.

This question is particularly important for people seeking to start a family, with extra costs putting more strain on an already-precarious budget.

A Current Affair reporter - and expectant mum - Ali Piotrowski spoke to four new mothers about their experiences with the public and private systems.

KidSpot reporter Bek Day was halfway through her pregnancy with now-two-year-old Frankie when she called her health fund, HCF.

Brian Hartzer's email to Westpac staff: 'We haven’t got it right'

  Brian Hartzer's email to Westpac staff: 'We haven’t got it right' Brian Hartzer, CEO of Westpac, Australia's oldest company, today prepared his staff for some uncomfortable evidence about to be given to public hearings of the Royal Commission into financial services. The first hearings of the royal commission are looking at consumer loans including home loans, car loans, credit cards, overdraft and insurance connected to credit.In an email to staff, reported by Fairfax Media, Hartzer wrote that staff will hear about instances where Westpac hasn’t got it right for customers.A Westpac spokesman confirmed the email.

By Oceana Setaysha for Stay at Home Mum . There are a few things you’ll definitely want to consider when you’re thinking about private health insurance , particularly when it comes to its worth to you.

Is the cost of private health insurance really worth it ?Source:istock. MORE IN health . This must be the dumbest safety sign ever. Mum wakes from coma to meet her baby.

She said she had been paying out a lot for her obstetrician visits and wondered when she would get the money back, only to be told those were out-of-pocket costs.

In the last 25 years, out-of-pocket costs have skyrocketed for out-of-hospital costs by 1035 percent.

"The actual birth and the appointments and the care beforehand I think would've equalled about $7500 or $8000," Ms Day said.

"Which, when you're budgeting for this year where you're going to be on very limited funds is a massive, massive cut to take."

She said now she would call up HCF asking about options for reducing out-of-pocket costs.

Ariane McGing also went the private route when she gave birth to Lola last year.

She said her time in the private hospital "Felt a little bit like being in a hotel".

Refusal to pay after rental car hit and run

  Refusal to pay after rental car hit and run Jordan Gunning thought leaving his car in an underground carpark would be convenient and safe. But when he returned to his pride and joy he found it’d been crumpled.  After accessing CCTV from the building Jordan was able to discover a driver had backed into his car with force. “Bang, they smack it, someone checks out the damage and they just drive off,” he told A Current Affair.  He also noticed that the car had a Thrifty rental sticker on it, so he called them for answers.

Join Now. Money. Is Private Health Insurance Worth It For Families? How many mums here have received informed consent when choosing whether to get their children vaccinated? Informed consent means to be sat down and told all the pros AND cons of vaccinating a child (including the Heb B

Market failure: private health insurance only worth it for 'the pregnant, the rich and the sick'. Read more. * Name has been changed to protect privacy . • Experts agree private health insurance is broken. But how can it be fixed?

"The aftercare was amazing," she said.

"Plenty of midwives there to help you with feeding and changing and bathing the baby."

a baby sitting on a table: <p>In a few weeks, health insurance premiums will rise again.</p> © Provided by Nine Digital Pty Ltd

In a few weeks, health insurance premiums will rise again.

The stay, which included accommodation for Ariane's husband as well as meals, cost the couple $8000.

"I think for the peace of mind we got, it was definitely worth it," Ms McGing said.

Nisha Yadav paid for private health insurance for two years, but when she found out about the out-of-pocket costs, she decided to go public.

Her pregnancy was high-risk and resulted in an inducted and an emergency caesarean.

Her son Arjun was delivered but Ms Yadav was taken away and didn't see her baby for four hours.

The next day, she said, she was in pain and needed help, but her pings to the nurses went unanswered for 40 minutes.

Nursing student Kimberley Borg found private health cover too expensive for her to afford, leaving her with no choice to go public.

Nun Says She’s Completely Broke After Legal Battle with Katy Perry

  Nun Says She’s Completely Broke After Legal Battle with Katy Perry And her sister died in court just last week.In 2015, five nuns connected to a convent located on an eight-acre estate in Los Feliz found themselves in the battle when Perry tried to buy the property. The nuns instead wanted to sell it to restaurateur-hotelier Dana Hollister but Perry ended up winning the legal dispute, and just last week, one of the sisters died in the courtroom.

Advice on ways to fit private health insurance into a tight family budget, what it means tax-wise if Before you make a decision as to whether to drop your health insurance cover, it ’s worth Erika @ Ever-changing Life of a Mum says: July 6, 2015 at 11:31 am . Yes, health insurance is so expensive

I have had private health insurance and i will say that ifyou can afford it its worth every dam penny. i dont know, i have not personally had expericence of treatments recently but wished i would of been able to afford to pay private for my mums treatments.

"I was completely covered by everything through the public system, so nothing out of pocket including specialists' visits and blood tests and scans," she said.

After giving birth to Hazel, she said the aftercare had exceeded her expectations.

It is estimated that with a Medicare card, the cost of pregnancy and birth through the public system can cost anything from nothing, to $1500.

Medicare will cover pregnancy and hospital care, but additional costs may include extra tests, scans outside hospital and childbirth classes.

In a private hospital, the one-off pregnancy management fee (up to $6000) can drive up the costs.

Private health insurers also may not cover ultrasounds, anaesthetists and birth classes - but each insurer is different.

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Malcolm Turnbull is making his pitch to retirees, but Bill Shorten is going for everyone else.Surrounded by yachts, Malcolm Turnbull made his pitch to retirees.

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