Money WA telco, NBN complaints soar over fees, bad service

06:15  17 april  2018
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NBN not meeting customer expectations: TIO

  NBN not meeting customer expectations: TIO More than a quarter of the 84,914 complaints made to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) were about services delivered over the NBN. The majority of NBN complaints made in the six months to December 31 were in regards to service quality, with customers unsatisfied by provider responses, while other issues were around connection delays.NBN Co says of the 22,827 complaints to the ombudsman about retail services delivered over the network, it received only 1052 complaints to resolve - a decline of 16 per cent compared to the same corresponding period.

Home. Latest News. Australians Raging Over Horrible Internet - Complaints Soar According to Telco Ombudsman. However, complaints about services delivered over the NBN have more than doubled, and whilst this is to be expected given their accelerated rate of rollout, the increase is a

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For Stephen Wood, joining the National Broadband Network (NBN) was a temporary business disaster.

The North Fremantle mechanic signed up with telco M2 Commander last year to switch across to the national network.

"I got a box delivered to me and then someone rang me up and said 'just unplug everything and plug it back in'," Mr Wood recalls.

"There was over 30 different wires and it's not my game, so I just said 'please, someone come down, just fit it for me, I don't mind paying. I just don't want my business getting disrupted'."

'That's not really how it works': AMP's royal commission shambles

  'That's not really how it works': AMP's royal commission shambles AMP lurched from bad to worse at the royal commission on Monday with its executive apologising but was unable to say for what.AMP has stumbled its way through a shambolic first examination at the banking royal commission after the wealth manager admitted senior staff ignored legal advice that the charging of customers for services they did not receive was unlawful.

The report does not detail the number of NBN complaints from WA , where less than half of the 506,000 households reached by its network have bothered to switch over . But almost 27,200 Australians complained about services delivered over the NBN in 2016-17

Complaints about NBN services surged at an even higher rate, soaring 159 per cent over the year, with most complaints about faults and connection delays. Telstra attracted the greatest number of complaints to the TIO, and complaints about the telco rose 43 per cent.

A week later, Mr Wood said a technician arrived to install the equipment, but they did not connect a metallic ringer in the workshop that was previously hooked up to the office landline.

He estimates that omission cost "a couple of grand" in missed work, with his business reliant on the ringer in the absence of a receptionist.

"There's noise when you're working on cars and there's only a small ringer on the telephone in the office, so we were just missing telephone calls," Mr Wood said.

"I wasn't able to work. I had to just sit basically next to the phone.

"I explained to them many, many times 'I can't work here … could you please send someone down to fix it?' They said 'there's no-one'."

After switching to a different telco, Mr Wood lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) three months ago, but has not yet resolved the issue.

NBN complaints are soaring, this Melbourne man went back to his old cable internet service

  NBN complaints are soaring, this Melbourne man went back to his old cable internet service The technician switched on Darren Haymes' new NBN service, walked out the door and suddenly his family couldn't get onto the internet for six weeks. After four months of problems, he was put back onto his old Telstra cable internet."It was preposterous," Mr Haymes said.

Overall complaints to the TIO for mobile, internet, and landline services have reached an almost 10-year low, while complaints are on the rise for NBN services . Mobile complaints fell to 10,340, a substantial drop of 31.2 percent year on year from the 15,034 recorded over July-September 2014.

NBN Will Start Selling HFC Again This Month. Sluggish speeds, instability and connection delays are on the rise as complaints to Australia 's telco watchdog leap more than 25 per cent. Are you happy with your home broadband service ? What's the problem, is it getting worse and where does the

a man sitting on a counter: Mechanic Stephen Wood is one of hundreds of WA small business owners to report issue with their telcos. © ABC News/Emily Piesse Mechanic Stephen Wood is one of hundreds of WA small business owners to report issue with their telcos. Internet complaints highest in WA

From July to December last year, Western Australia had the second highest increase in complaints to the ombudsman.

In total, 7,381 complaints about WA landline, mobile and internet services were lodged with the TIO — a 36.5 per cent jump compared to the same period in 2016.

The figure was lower, however, than in the first half of 2017, when 8,215 complaints were made.

Internet service prompted 30.3 per cent of all complaints in WA — the highest percentage of any state.

Telecommunications ombudsman Judi Jones said it was not clear why WA had an above-average increase in complaints in the latter half of 2017.

"Perhaps there were some weather events. We certainly were doing some awareness raising in WA [about the TIO complaints process]," Ms Jones said.

Banking royal commission: AMP loses count of how many times it misled ASIC

  Banking royal commission: AMP loses count of how many times it misled ASIC AMP's head of financial advice loses count of the number of times the company misled corporate regulator ASIC over charging customers fees for no service, in evidence given to the financial services royal commission. The financial services company is the first institution to be questioned by the commission over the fee-for-no-service scandal, which also involves the four major banks.The five institutions are paying out a combined $216 million in refunds to more than 300,000 customers who were charged fees for financial advisory services they never received.

Sign up now. Menu ARN. Frustrated Aussies see NBN complaints soar . “ Complaints about mobile services have reduced due to better product offerings from telcos , including higher data allowances and increased investment in mobile infrastructure,” Jones added.

Some telcos have no set-up costs and low monthly fees , so it pays to shop around. If you are on the NBN , your provider can supply you with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service . Australia ’s NBN limbo just got worse . Good news about your NBN .

"That will be part of the picture, but it certainly doesn't explain the whole story."

Top five telco complaints in WA

Complaint categoryNo.
Charges & Fees3,556
Provider Response3,130
Poor Service Quality1,817
Connection/Changing Provider1,087
No service1,054

NBN complaints triple nationally

At a national level, the TIO received 84,914 complaints, with billing and customer service, faulty equipment and poor service quality among the top issues.

Loss of service, similar to Mr Wood's case, was the third highest category of complaints from small businesses.

"That's concerning because for small businesses, having your telephone or telco service working is so vital to the running of [the] business," Ms Jones said.

"It's not an uncommon issue."

Meanwhile, NBN complaints more than tripled across Australia to 22,827, with about two-thirds relating to poor service quality.

The remaining third were due to delays in establishing a connection.

In a statement, telco industry body Communications Alliance said it was "disappointed with the high level of complaints".

"With 'Provider Response' being the top issue raised by customers who complain in relation to a service delivered over the NBN, our industry will be working to improve the end-to-end experience, including through improved assistance between providers in the supply chain to resolve complaints," said program management director Christiane Gillespie-Jones.

The ABC contacted Commander Australia for comment but did not receive a response.

Comment: Sickening bank behaviour shows need for broader probe .
The behaviour of executives must be examined amidst the government's disgraceful spin.If one thing is becoming clear from the royal commission it is that our financial institutions see themselves as beyond the law.

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