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'Usain Bolt of pugs' wins third straight race in Berlin

Tuesday  19:31,   21 august 2018

Usain Bolt may have just met his match.The queen of pugs beat the competition[...]
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A woman tricked dozens of men into going on a mass Tinder date, and it’s honestly the scam of the year

Tuesday  18:04,   21 august 2018

Dozens of men arrived at Union Square in New York City this past weekend in order to go on a Tinder date with a girl named Natasha. - However, their plans quickly took a turn when Natasha herself stood up on stage and announced that she[...]

Sports-mad Indonesian couple name new baby 'Asian Games'

Tuesday  18:03,   21 august 2018

A sports-mad Indonesian couple have named their new baby 'Asian Games' to mark her arrival as the country kicked off the world's second-biggest multi-sport event. The little girl -- full name Abidah Asian Games -- was born about a month [...]

New Dinosaur Footprints ‘Are First Evidence Of Prehistoric Beasts On Scottish Mainland’

Tuesday  18:03,   21 august 2018

Dinosaur footprints found near Inverness are believed to be the first evidence the prehistoric beasts roamed the Scottish mainland. The 170 million-year-old prints were discovered in sandstone and reveal a foot, heel and four[...]

Ancient Riches Discovered at Mysterious Burial Monument

Tuesday  18:02,   21 august 2018

From gerbil-tooth headdresses to ivory rings, a site in Kenya offers an unprecedented look into a 5,000-year-old herding community.The mound, known as the Lothagam North Pillar Site, has stood for some 5,000 years—a beacon of stability for ancient[...]

Four Saudi women won a hackathon to make the Hajj safer

Tuesday  14:25,   21 august 2018

The Hajj is a huge feat of logistics. Accommodating this massive influx of pilgrims requires a vast transportation network, medical infrastructure, and a pop-up air-conditioned tent city that holds 160,000 people. Still, due to the large[...]

Baby boom at Arizona hospital: 16 nurses pregnant

Tuesday  14:25,   21 august 2018

There's a baby boom coming to a hospital in Arizona, with 16 nurses preparing to give birth over the coming months. The intensive care nurses work at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, which is about 20 miles from Phoenix.They are all[...]

'Snapchat Dysmorphia': Inside the Trend of People Getting Surgery to Look Like Their Filters

Tuesday  14:25,   21 august 2018

Jessica Rich spoke to Inside Edition about her decision to go under the knife.Jessica Rich, 32, said she liked the way she looked on Snapchat better than she did in real life. So she decided to do something about[...]

A company claims the makers of Oreo are hiding its 'original sandwich cookies' on store shelves to make them go out of business

Tuesday  11:56,   21 august 2018

Hydrox, "the original sandwich cookie," has filed a complaint against Oreo's parent company. Oreo cookies and its competitor Hydrox, which brands itself as the "original sandwich cookie" according to its website, are engaged[...]

Watch a 'Pasta Granny' Prepare This Rare 'Duchess's Little Snails' Dish

Tuesday  11:56,   21 august 2018

Traditional pasta recipes are dying out, but one woman is making videos to preserve them.While some of these variations can be found all throughout Italy, others are prepared only in certain regions, mostly by elderly women who may not have taught[...]

Can you name the footwear?

Tuesday  11:30,   21 august 2018

<p>Think you know your moccasins from your clogs? Check your knowledge of shoes with this fun[...]

Scientists Reveal the Most Comprehensive Map of Butterfly Evolution Ever—and It's Gorgeous

Tuesday  05:58,   21 august 2018

Take a deep dive into the butterfly's family tree.The study, published in Current Biology, drew on genetic data from 207 butterfly species that together represent 98 percent of butterfly tribes (the classification just above genus). Led by[...]

South Korean swaps bitcoins for 2 mln euros in fake notes

Monday  10:05,   20 august 2018

The deal sounded murky from the start: in exchange for bitcoin worth two million euros ($2.3 million), the wealthy buyer would hand over the equivalent sum in cash in a luxury hotel on the French riviera. The seller, a South Korean businessman with[...]

A nun threw a perfect first pitch at an MLB game — and people were seriously impressed

Monday  09:55,   20 august 2018

A nun named Sister Mary Jo Sobieck delivered an impressive ceremonial first pitch before a Chicago White Sox game on Saturday night.&nbsp;A nun delivered an impressive first pitch at a Chicago White Sox game on Saturday, earning the admiration[...]

A police officer asked the internet to help solve a fatal hit-and-run case and people did not disappoint

Monday  09:31,   20 august 2018

Everyone loves a mystery story, but the latest tale to sweep the internet needs to be seen to be believed.&nbsp;Johnna Batiste of Washington State Police tweeted out a picture of a car part from a vehicle suspected of killing a cyclist,[...]