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News: Tech & Science

Apple fined $6.8M in Australia after Error 53 controversy

Tuesday  15:51,   19 june 2018

One undercover investigation and a year of court proceedings later, Australia takes an AU$9 million bite out of Apple.The Federal Court of Australia announced Monday its order for Apple to pay AU$9 million (around US $6.8 million converted) for[...]

Beijing Wants to Remake the Internet

Tuesday  15:51,   19 june 2018

It’s never been a worse time to be a Chinese telecom company in America. This evening, the Senate is set to vote on whether to restore a ban on U.S. company sales to prominent Chinese telecom player ZTE, a penalty for its illegal shipments to Iran[...]

Microsoft is finally launching its new Xbox Avatar Editor

Tuesday  15:51,   19 june 2018

Microsoft has been whetting Xbox users' appetites with the promise of new, customizable avatars since last year, and after several delays, they're finally becoming available. Xbox Insiders can get a taste of the Avatar Editor app starting[...]

Amazon made a special version of Alexa for hotels with Echo speakers in their rooms

Tuesday  15:51,   19 june 2018

Amazon is today introducing Alexa for Hospitality, a special version of the company’s voice assistant that will be distributed on an invitation basis to hotels, vacation rental spaces, and other locations starting today. The Alexa[...]

Futuristic aged care facility paves the way

Tuesday  14:51,   19 june 2018

Floor sensors, and keyless entry setting new Sydney facility apart.A slip in the shower, or a tumble out of bed, is a far more dangerous scenario as one ages. And recovering from a fall can take months, if[...]

Here's what Apple's doing to get you excited about AR

Tuesday  11:21,   19 june 2018

Apple's AR updates in iOS 12 are paving the way for where headsets could go next.Then there's Apple. As CNET reported in April, Apple is working on a powerful headset capable of both AR and VR. Whether that version is a "what if" prototype or[...]

Google adds more handy tools to its data-monitoring app

Tuesday  11:21,   19 june 2018

Google launched its data-tracking app Datally for Android last year, giving users more insight into how and where they're using their phone plan data as well as more control over that usage. Most of us probably have a few unused apps[...]

Elon Musk emails employees about 'extensive and damaging sabotage' by employee

Tuesday  11:21,   19 june 2018

According to correspondence attained by CNBC, a fire at Tesla's Fremont, California plant interrupted vehicle production there on Sunday night.Now, CNBC has learned that Musk also sent an e-mail to all employees at Tesla late on Sunday night[...]

Mars Is About to Be the Closest it's Been to Earth in 15 Years. Here’s How and When to See it

Tuesday  11:06,   19 june 2018

July is set to be a good month for stargazers, as Mars will get closer to Earth than it has been in 15 years, making it appear larger and brighter than usual. The event, known as Mars Close Approach, is thanks to Mars’ and Earth’s orbits around the[...]

Astronomers reaching for stars in new deal

Tuesday  10:00,   19 june 2018

Australian astronomers have had more than 300 hours access to Chile's Very Large Telescope as part of an international partnership.The Australian National University will be given primary responsibility for the Anglo-Australian Telescope at the[...]

YouTube Music Says G'Day

Tuesday  09:57,   19 june 2018

Australia might now have a serious alternative to Spotify, with YouTube Music launching today. When you think about it, YouTube has a lot of music, so this makes a whole lot of sense. There's music videos (of course) as well as official albums,[...]

NSW is introducing a 10% tax on online betting

Tuesday  09:56,   19 june 2018

Punters in New South Wales will pay 10% tax on online bets from 2019 under changes to gambling taxation announced in the state budget today. The point-of-consumption tax (PoCT) will take effect from January 1 and leaves only Tasmania and the[...]

Apple to close iPhone hacking loophole, making life a little harder for police

Tuesday  08:56,   19 june 2018

Apple's latest software update aims to close a loophole exploited by smartphone "cracking" technology used by some Australian government agencies and police. It's been reported that the change, which will be rolled out as part of its[...]

Astronaut Peggy Whitson ends record-breaking career with NASA

Tuesday  08:56,   19 june 2018

Astronaut Peggy Whitson, who has spent more time in space than any American in history, has retired from NASA. Astronaut Peggy Whitson, who has spent more time in space than any American in history, has retired from[...]

Are Third-Party Smartphone Chargers Safe To Use?

Tuesday  08:31,   19 june 2018

 Are third-party smartphone chargers safe to use or will they turn my iPhone into a ticking time bomb? Thanks, Roommate HaterDear RH, Ticking? Definitely not. Explosive? Probably not. Do you run a risk? Yes. Do most people care? No.I'll[...]