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Millions of Americans to gaze upon Monday's once-in-a-lifetime eclipse

Saturday  20:26,   19 august 2017

<p>Twilight will fall at midday on Monday, stars will glimmer and birds will roost in an eerie stillness as millions of Americans and visitors witness the first total solar eclipse to traverse the United States from coast to coast in 99[...]

New malware masquerades as a ride-sharing app

Saturday  20:26,   19 august 2017

An update to the venerable Faketoken.q Android malware has made it easier for the program to steal your credit card information from ride-sharing apps. Faketoken attacks Russian ride-sharing apps by overlaying text boxes on the credit card[...]

Total solar eclipse 2017: 6 bizarre things that will happen

Saturday  15:12,   19 august 2017

Things get a little weird during an eclipse. Here are six things to look for."A totally eclipsed sun is 10,000 times fainter than one that is 99 percent covered by the moon," Meg Pickett, astrophysicist and a professor of physics at Lawrence[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be out as soon as September 15th

Saturday  15:12,   19 august 2017

For a while after the Note 7 debacle, the fate of Samsung's supersized phone line was uncertain. It soon became pretty clear, though, that the Korean manufacturer isn't killing the name: Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd,[...]

Star That Survived Supernova Is Flying Through Milky Way

Saturday  11:12,   19 august 2017
International Business Times

This little star might have survived a supernova explosion, but the blast sent it flying through the Milky Way galaxy.A study in the journal Science identified the little star, saying it “is low-mass, is moving quickly and has an unusual[...]

Inspiring The Next Generation Of Australian Scientists

Saturday  09:43,   19 august 2017
Gizmodo Australia

QUT Robotics Professor Michael Milford is aiming to inspire the next generation of scientists, creating "The STEM Storybook" - a collection of 12 picture books covering topics ranging from statistics to robotics. STEM is now considered to[...]

New Study From Google Says Australia Needs To Embrace, Not Fear, Automation

Saturday  09:42,   19 august 2017
Gizmodo Australia

Over the last 15 years, Australians have reduced the amount of time spent on physical and routine tasks at work by two hours each week thanks to automation. Retail workers have spent less time ringing up items and more time helping customers, bank[...]

Here's how much a nuclear weapon costs

Saturday  09:35,   19 august 2017

To determine the price of one nuclear weapon, you have to account for the costs of their production, delivery systems and maintenance. "South Korean government analysis has put North Korea's nuclear spending at $1.1 billion to $3.2 billion overall," [...]

China opens its first 'cyber court'

Saturday  05:42,   19 august 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

China's first "cyber court" was launched on Friday to settle online disputes, as the legal system attempts to keep up with the explosion of mobile payment and e-commerce. &nbsp;Residents of the eastern city of Hangzhou -- home to[...]

Australian Researchers Have Used An Artificial Womb To Incubate A Lamb For The Second Time

Saturday  05:42,   19 august 2017
Gizmodo Australia

It may look like a glorified Ziplock bag, but the artificial womb could one day save the lives of the thousands of babies born prematurely every year. For the second time, researchers announced this week that they have successfully incubated lambs[...]

NBN has a message for Australia: 'If you want high-speed internet, you are going to have to pay more'

Saturday  05:11,   19 august 2017

<p>The NBN is costing around $50 billion to build, and the Government wants it to pay for itself.</p>"It could be anywhere from five to 15 seconds, the internet will stop. I won't be connected to the internet, or there'll be slight buffering," [...]

Solar eclipse to be streamed live for first time, from balloons

Saturday  04:00,   19 august 2017

<p>During the eclipse, the moon will pass between the sun and Earth from west to east, and cast a shadow on Earth.</p>Next week's solar eclipse will be streamed live online for the first time, from the vantage point of helium-filled balloons[...]

Film studios and Foxtel win orders blocking 59 pirate websites

Friday  23:06,   18 august 2017
Sydney Morning Herald

Australian and Hollywood film studios and pay TV provider Foxtel have dealt a blow to internet piracy after the Federal Court ordered a raft of pirate websites be blocked in the country.Australian and Hollywood film studios and pay TV provider[...]

Google Home's voice controls now work with free Spotify accounts

Friday  20:37,   18 august 2017

If you're a Google Home user without a paid Spotify account, your use of the service on Home has been limited. Up until now, Spotify has only integrated with Home for paid accounts. But at I/O, Google announced that would change; free Spotify[...]

Google will introduce the next version of Android on Monday

Friday  20:37,   18 august 2017

We already know at least one cool feature it will have.Google already talked a lot about what's coming in this version, which has been known as "Android O" until now as it has progressed through beta testing. One of the biggest changes that has[...]